The advertising services available on this site.

Please find in what follows our advertising services available on this site so to allow your company and your products to be easily found worldwide in a market that is becoming more and more difficult and aggressive over the time.

Being present in the pages of this site means allowing anyone in the world to find your company and your products effectively, given that our ads will be displayed in the municipality where the headquarters of your company, thus maximizing the efficiency even at the local level.

To ensure maximum visibility we accept only one advertiser for each municipality.

To this advertiser is assigned a banner 728 x90 direct you his website and also a new link to his site, thus also improving his Page Rank. He is also assigned of a textual space suitable for the description of his business.

If you want to be present on all the pages of the site you may opt for a banner 728 x 90 placed at the bottom of this page and also at the bottom of all the pages of the site. In this case the textual space is not provided.

It is the most complete solution and allows you to have maximum visibility. Suitable for institutional investors or companies with regional coverage.

Both offers are "time based", with a minimum subscription period of one year, with no automatic renewal.

Prices: Advertiser in the municipality for one year : Euro 35.00 plus VAT.

Prices: Advertiser unique throughout the site for one year : Euro 1,000.00 plus VAT.

To contact us or to have any other information just go to the Contact Us page and choose the most suitable e-mail address, or choose to contact us by phone or fax.